Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Words I Like


When I am at work, these are words I like. I like them, because they are slightly out of the ordinary. I mean, out of the ordinary enough so that when you use them, people might be impressed, but not so out of the ordinary that people are confused. You know? I also like them for their meanings. I like to think that our executive team has a certain amount of business acumen. I like to picture a cadre of Verity member service employees at the ready to help our members. I like brevity in business correspondence and particularly in meetings. I enjoy working with people who have an aptitude for whatever role it is they play – be it accountant, trainer, marketer or janitor. In short, those are the words I like. Want to know some other words I like?

No worries
Telling someone they are, "a genie in a bottle"
Freakin' freak


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