Monday, April 18, 2005

Coming Together In Food

A typical food week at the Northgate Headquarters location:

Monday: the Mortgage department delivers Girl Scout cookies to each department.
Tuesday: Rootbeer floats for a birthday.
Wednesday: Pizza party to celebrate one-year anniversary of our computer upgrade.
Thursday: Potluck to raise money for something, or just because it's been a two-week break.
Friday: Strawberry shortcake for combo birthdays. Or a shower. Or just because.

Should you need to get your sugar game on during unscheduled eating events, keep in mind the best places to get well-stocked candy are from Lynn in Member Relations (she changes out candy almost daily and keeps reserves in the drawer under the candy basket--FYI), Connie in Lending (ditto on the frequency, I haven't explored her supplies) or someone in Member Services/Ops Support--they have stocks in their drawers that bail out any sugar craving. The location of these supplies makes for a perfect circle on the second floor. As Napoleon Dynamite would say...sweet!

There are two hidden mini-refridgerators located under certain desks in the building as well, but I can't reveal my sources.

Personally, I think the candy you eat says a lot about your personality. For example, Randy in Accounting: Peanut M&Ms--countable yet delicious. Justin in HR/Training: Gummy Bears--he keeps it light and fun. The fact that he bites off the heads first--inner rage. (Just kidding...sort of). Personally, I like Baby Ruths because they have a little bit of everything that is good in this world in them.

Yes, I am a member of two health clubs.

I attribute this culture to our CEO. On his daily rounds of the credit union, you may believe that he is stopping by to say hello, talk about the Husky loss, or get an update on a project. You would be wrong. He's just checking out your candy dish.


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