Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006 Resolutions, Abridged

I was asked to share some of the resolutions I have for 2006. I'm more of a goal-girl than resolution-chick, but we'll merge it and call it one and the same. I opted for bullet-point format and took the first 5 topics for professional and personal categories. I have read that you should never share goals with someone that can't help you achieve them, so I'm counting on you...

  • Graduate from Verity University by March of 2006.
  • Be able to end each week with an example of how I made a difference to someone or something at Verity. Starting this week.
  • Establish leadership and candidate pipeline project parameters by June of 2006.
  • Develop baseline metrics and assessment project for quality of staff by June 2006.
  • Take the LSAT and start to apply to schools that provide MBA/JD programs. December, 2006.


  • Climb and attempt to summit Rainier by July of 2006.
  • Take the first two courses towards getting a certification in skydiving by June of 2006.
  • Read 52 books by December 2006. Broaden my range of topics.
  • Find and contact my long-lost friend Maka by January 2006.
  • Complete the 7 Habits contract by February 2006.

There you go. I'll let you know what I achieved with an update in June. To use the slang I love so much...then you can give me mad props for my crunk game. Aiight?


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