Friday, May 11, 2007

Farewell. V will miss you.

Soon, right above this post, will be a link to a new blog.

That’s right. We are sunsetting “Who Are V” and replacing it with our new, upgraded blog called “Our Voices”

We are also moving away from Blogger, which means there will be a new URL for you.

We have had such a great response to our blog that, after two and a half years, we have decided to invest a little money in it.

It will look different, but we think you will like it much better.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous Ron Bensley, Jr. said...

I heartily salute Verity's leadership team for having the sheer gumption to sponsor this blog, and bring it into its second generation.

Tue May 15, 07:32:00 PM PDT  
Blogger shari storm said...

Ron - thanks for the kind words - and thank you for being a long time reader. If memory serves me, you were one of the first bloggers to discover us.

See you on the new blog!

Fri May 18, 05:05:00 AM PDT  

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