Monday, March 06, 2006

Extrodinary Feats in Service - February's Winner

At Verity we have four vision statments which provide the direction for the type of instituion we want to be as we grow into the future. The first of these vision statements reads that "We will set the standard for quality of service and innovation for financial institutions." The winner of this month Extrodinary Feats Award is not a single individual but instead an entire branch, who is helping push our credit union towards the acheivement of this vision statement.

What makes this nomination even more impressive is that it came from an actual member. Here is what they said about their banking relationship with our Alderwood Branch.

Dear Mr. Hayes (that is our CEO),

I am writing to let you know about your wonderful employees at the Alderwood branch. I have never seen a bank or credit union with this kind of rapport with it's customers. Specifically, I am referring to Katie Aderhold, Mindy Manning, Summer Johnson and Jason Bui.

I have been a member of Verity since December of 2004 and right away I was very impressed with the very comfortable home-style atmosphere created by them. It is very unusual.
Last Year, Summer Johnson was extremely helpful in helping my wife and I secure a mortgage loan during our move from California to Washington. I really commend her for her work, professionalism and very friendly manner during that time. She helped to make our transition here easy and very painless.

All this past year, Mindy and especially Katie have been very helpful in taking care of my banking needs, setting up my bill payment plans, dealing with my previous bank, all other necessary transactions and most recently, setting up an emergency auto loan.

Jason (and his supervisor Allen Mendoza) were particularly patient and thoughtful in taking care of all necessary paperwork in a very timely manner to get that important loan, with Mindy's help too.

These folks actually make going to the credit union a very enjoyable experience. Most of the time (with my previous bank), I thought of going to the "bank" as a necessary task. But it is very different with the folks at the Adlerwood branch of your credit union. I have recommended it to my "new" co-workers and to others I have met here in Washington. My recommendation to you is to reward them and keep them as happy employees. Thank you very much. Knowing them, I'm sure that they maintain the same level of warmth, courtesy and professionalism at that office. I look forward to working with your credit union for a very long time to come (thanks to them).

Best Regards,
A Very Happy Member


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