Thursday, August 31, 2006

EFy Winner - September

The following is a comment that was received from one of our members. What really comes through is the extrodinary level of support Regine provided. This support was not only providing financial advice but also emotional support. At Verity one of our core values states, "Our success flows from focus on our members." It is clear that Regine lives this value with the members she has contact with.

Also keep in mind that Regine works in our Loan Control Department. How many financial instituions have a loan control department that gets comments like this? I would guess not many.

Here is the comment the member sent:

I was recently/currently delinquent on both my car and personal loans. I would like to take a moment to say a special thank you to Regine (in your loan department). After losing my partner, my home and my job, I wasn't able to keep up my payments and I had become extremely depressed.....not only was Regine there for me emotionally, but she also stuck with me while I tried to find a way to get these accounts caught up. Just recently I landed a new job and I am currently working with her to get my accounts brought forward. Regine NEVER made me feel bad though strongly encouraged me to continue trying to find help in resolving this matter. I now have a new life that includes a new job so that I can start to rebuild my history with Verity. If there is any type of customer service award available, I believe that it should go to Regine for her superb customer service, loyalty and for the grace that she showed during my darkest times. Thank you Regine!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kudos Regine!

It's nice to know there are still compasionate people out there...

Fri Sep 01, 09:00:00 AM PDT  

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