Thursday, December 21, 2006

Do you work with someone like this?

Being in HR I get the opportunity to talk to both external canidates and internal staff about what they like about their job. One of the most common things people that like their job mention is that they work with great people. The winner of this month's Exrodinary Feats Award is one of those individuals whose willingness to help makes everyones jobs easier. Just read this nomination that was sent in:

Kathy came in Friday (her day off) just to say hi. As she entered the branch she noticed that it was just Christina and I and that we as a branch were short on a GSA and Military payday (one of our busiest days). Kathy, without even asking if we needed help, logged into her computer and pulled a drawer. This went a long way in helping our members in a timely manner. Kathy stayed the whole evening and everyone, members and staff, were very thankful for her presence. I also asked Kathy if she would be willing to help out on Saturday since we were going to be short handed again. Kathy, without hesitation, offered to help. Kathy has always expressed great team dedication and this weekend is one of many ways she has shown that dedication.

Do you work with someone like this? If so I bet that you enjoy your job.


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