Sunday, December 11, 2005

Human Googlebots at Verity!!!

A day in the life of the Information Service Department, I’m usually very attentive in the mornings. It’s not because of the caffeine craze, in fact I haven’t had any coffee or latte in the past year and half. Oddly enough, most of my colleagues drink coffee like it’s in their blood streams. What really keeps me going?

I think it’s very intriguing when I first started, the helpdesk issue box seemed empty (Slow month?) but after a few weeks, things changed. I felt wanted and my developing into a so call “Go to Guy” became known as the first introduction to new employees (Thanks to Karen). I love it, simply because fixing computers, testing software, and looking for a network connection is not my main interest but the ability to lend a helping hand. This is what keeps me going.

For the most part, I believe I’ve made some kind of connection with every employee in the credit union. My goal is to develop every connection into a “Band of Brothers” as we call it in the military. The credit union is growing and more branches are on the way so our cohesion is important.

Here at Verity, I believe we all have made that connection with each other. That’s why employees at Verity Credit Union are a strong bond of good people that offers that helping hand to all members of our credit union. We practice our culture internally and as well as externally to our members.

The people I work with are amazing, from the beginning of my day to the end, there is always someone there that I can go to and ask questions. The term “Human Googlebots” fits them nicely, whenever I’m stuck on a problematic issue, I can go to anyone in the IS department or even outside of our department. To sum up my day, I can’t do my job without the Verity team.


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YO Wu! nice post.

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