Thursday, May 25, 2006

EFy Award Winner - June

One of Verity's core values states, "Our success flows from focus on our members." The winner of this month's Extrondinary Feats Award (EFy) won because of her constant focus on making the lives of both our members and her co-workers better everyday. Here is the nomination submitted on her behalf:

I would like to nominate Regine Smith

Regine has been someone that has inspired me at the credit union. I had the pleasure of working with her when she started in our Member Service Center. What struck me most was how she was always so friendly and helpful with our members. When an opportunity to work in our Loan Control Department became available she moved into a new function. She was able to use her past experiences in this field to help our members in making their loan payments. I have heard from multiple members that they really respect the honest way she treats them. She still helps support our Member Service Center by taking calls from members who need help setting up payment arrangements. Everyone appreciates the friendly way she deals with both us and the members she talks to. Sometimes doing extraordinary things simply involves making the lives of our members and her co-workers better. She definitely does this and therefore I believe should win this month’s EFy Award.


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