Friday, May 05, 2006

Extrodinary Feats in Service - April's Winner

Any successful organization has employees that not only provide extrodinary service to the members they serve but also to their fellow employees. This creates an organization that is able to provide a high level of service no matter who you go to. The winner of this month's EFy Award does just this and directly contributes to our mission statement of, "Enhancing members' lives through exceptional financial service."

Here is the nomination made on her behalf:

I would like to nominate Lisa Federspiel for the EFy Award. I believe she should win because of the extraordinary impact she has on both employees and members. However in this nomination I would like to focus on the impact she has on her fellow employees. Personally I rely on her to help with tough loan decisions. When I ask for help she not only provides excellent advice she does it in a way that I never feel like I am imposing on her time. Furthermore she explains the reasoning behind her decisions, empowering me to be able to make them in the future. This directly leads to me being able to give better service to our members.

I have also heard that Lisa helped in the creation of a consumer lending internship. My understanding is this internship has been a way for Lisa to further share her knowledge in developing staff to be effective at looking at loans.

I truly appreciate all she contributes and hope she is recognized.


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